¬алютно-финансовые системы в современном мире
(кризисный опыт конца 90-х). Ч ћ.: Ёкономика. ÷итата на стр. 45
ќ прогнозах


Global Financial and Banking System: Risks and Development Challenges Ч jun

The Banking law

(pdf, 330 Kb)

Interrelation between the Monetary and Industrial Policies in the Russian Banking System Ч jun

Dengi i Credit

(pdf, 299 Kb)

Conditions and Capabilities of Russian Monetary Competitiveness on Adhesion to the WTO Ч may

journal Economist (Russia)

(pdf, 359 Kb)

Inflation and monetization of the economy Ч apr

Dengi i Credit

(pdf, 306 Kb)

Post-Crisis Global Financial System: development trends and main issues Ч jan

Dengi i Credit

(pdf, 326 Kb)

About Inflation and Monetization Ч dec

The Analytical banking Magazine

(pdf, 189 Kb)

World Economy: Prospects and Barriers for Recovery Ч dec

Voprosi Economiki

(pdf, 544 Kb)

About Reforming the Global Currency and Financial System and Bolstering Economic Growth Ч jul

Dengi i Credit

(pdf, 190 Kb)

Leading Economies: Continued Response to Crisis Ч jun

journal Economy of Russia - XXI century

(pdf, 225 Kb)

About the presenation of book "World Financial Crisis. What's Next?" Ч jun

journal Economy of Russia - XXI century

(pdf, 95 Kb)

How to find exit Ч jun


(pdf, 211 Kb)

Condoning the Crisis Ч apr


(pdf, 194 Kb)

About Some Economic Risks After Crisis Ч feb

journal Economy of Russia - XXI century

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About WTO Ч feb

journal Economy of Russia - XXI century

(pdf, 165 Kb)

What's Next? - We have an Answer Ч feb

The Analytical banking Magazine

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Exchange Policy Before and After Crisis Ч jan

journal Economist (Russia)

(pdf, 322 Kb)

World in the Post-Crisis Environment: New Challenges Ч jan

Dengi i credit

(pdf, 416 Kb)

Two Years After the Crisis: Do Risks of a "Second Wave' Become Stronger? Ч dec

Voprosi Economiki

(pdf, 1 Mb)

"New Risks of Post-Crisis World", Presentation of M.Ershov during the Moscow International Finance Week. October 19, 2011 Ч oct

(pdf, 170 Kb)

About the Strategy of Russian Economic Growth Ч sep

Magazine "Economics of Contemporary Russia"

(pdf, 264 Kb)

About presentation of the book "World Financial Crisis. What's Next?" in Bulletin of Association of Russian Banks. Ч aug

(pdf, 90 Kb)

World Financial Crisis. What's Next? (review of the book of M.Ershov by A.Maslennikov) Ч may

Dengi i Credit

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Shaky Stabilization Ч apr


(pdf, 228 Kb)

Book "World Financial Crisis. What's Next?" Ч mar

(pdf, 1 Mb)

Looking in the Wrong Place Ч feb


(pdf, 181 Kb)

Post-crisis development outlooks and risks Ч feb

Dengi i Credit

(pdf, 338 Kb)

Presentation during the 1st French-Russian Financial Forum, December 9, 2010 Ч dec

(pdf, 288 Kb)

New Risks of Post-Crisis World Ч dec

Voprosi Economiki

(pdf, 163 Kb)

Rouble based modernization Ч jun


(pdf, 121 Kb)

Modernization and the Crisis Ч may

World Finance Review

(pdf, 30 Kb)

Financial Crisis: Some Aspects Ч apr

Journal of New Economic Association

(pdf, 260 Kb)

Some Risks of Russian Financial System Ч jan

Dengi i Credit

(pdf, 298 Kb)

Global Financial Crisis: A Year Later Ч jan

Evolutionary Economics and Finances (Institute of Economic of Russian Academy of Sceinces)

(pdf, 456 Kb)

Wrong Emphasis Ч dec


(pdf, 110 Kb)

Global Financial Crisis: a Year Later Ч dec

Voprosi Economiki

(pdf, 474 Kb)

About Forecasts and Crisis-Fighting Measures (Interview to "Economic Policy of Russia - XXI Century") Ч oct

Economic Policy of Russia - XXI Century

(pdf, 265 Kb)

Financial Mechanisms of Economic Growth (in Russia Inc.)

(pdf, 647 Kb)

Review of Mr. Ershov's book "World Financial Crisis. What's Next?" published in the journal of the Bank of Russia (Dengi I Credit)

Dengi i Credit

(pdf, 142 Kb)